Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I Say I Hate But Must Not Really*

1. Annoying Facebook status updates....because if I really hated them, (1) I'd quit FB or (2) at least not blog/talk about them. Wait, that's not really true. The opposite of love isn't hate; it's indifference. So perhaps hate is the correct terminology. Hmm.

2. "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" This show was seriously disturbing but I watched it for at least 30 minutes after I realized how appalling it was. (3) It was even more disturbing than my trips to Walmart.

(4) The Hills (although I haven't really watched in months)

(5) Fast food. I had my annual visit to Krystal a week ago, and I'm sure I'll have McDonald's fries at some point this year too. And I'll occasionally eat a salad from Zaxby's when my secretary offers to pick it up. And I had a dream cone from Chik-fil-a last week.

(6) Chain restaurants like Chilis and Applebees. Ok, Applebees is pretty nasty, but I like the blue drinks, queso, and fajitas at Chilis. But I still wouldn't choose to go there.

(7) The View. This show is so annoying. How do I know it's so annoying, you might ask. Well I know because I sometimes watch it...or at least the first 15 minutes of "hot topics" in which my blood pressure often rises to an unhealthy number. The hosts are simply asinine yet....I watch.

An aside: I'm proud to say I've not watched a Lifetime movie in at least two years (see my indifference). My Lifetime viewing is restricted to Golden Girls.

*Generally inspired by Brandy's post.

p.s. I'm grateful for a relatively new friend "CC" who is really competitive, great at word games, completed the BFF application to my satisfaction, and invited me to do a 4 mile race with her in two weeks.


Accidentally Me said...

I love Golden Girls!

Moment of silence for Bea Arthur:-)

ella said...

I've been hearing so many good things about Chik-fil-a. We don't really have any in LA, but next time I catch one on a road trip I am so there.

Ally said...

AM: That show is classic.

Ella: You should take a road trip to Chatty....

Mel said...

Ella... we have a couple south of LA... Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Santa Ana I don't think I have seen any in LA though.

I watched a bit of that "I didn't know I was pregnant" too and yeah I couldn't keep watching it. Have you seen Mystery Diagnosis?

Bone said...

Yeah, I think I'm that way by Facebook, too.

I don't hate The Hills. I don't claim to hate The Hills. (Well, OK, maybe Spencer.) I just never can remember to watch, which is my problem with most TV shows.

Ally said...

Mel: I've never seen that one. Like you, I finally had to turn off the pregnant show. It was painful to watch.

Bone: Heidi is pretty annoying too, but I'm with you and generally forget or am doing something during the time slot that seems much more important.

Cat_Chaser said...

You've got a secretary? Wow, that is so cool! Now I know why I don't see too many spelling mistakes :).
We don't have either chick-fil-a or Zaxby's here :(.

Ys said...

Ahh "The Hills" my guilty pleasure. I haven't seen it in months! :/

I had a weird dream about you the other night: you were trying to make me swim across the ocean to go eat at a restaurant but I told you I couldn't swim so I'd have to stay on the beach. Where I sat talking to one of your dates who told me really you were a horrible person! But then admitted that he'd only said it cos he really liked you! Very bizarre.

OK Chick said...

Ella- Chik-fil-a is awesome. You need to try when you get the chance. The Waffle Fries are great!

"Chain restaurants like Chilis and Applebees."
I agree Applebees is very nasty, which is a shame because their food looks good on the the commericals. I think Chilis is ok if you are wanting something for take-out. But I never think to myself- let's go eat at Chili's. I think I burnt myself out when I was in college.

AMEN on The View. I always get sucked in for a few minutes, but then I come back to reality and turn the channel. When it first came out it was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

The Applebee's in our town must be a rarity, because people flock to it like crazy. It's ALWAYS busy. My husband loves their ribs. It's not our favorite restaurant, but we'd never think of it as nasty. Now, fast food? Fast food IS nasty. I never eat it. As for all those TV shows, I must be out of the loop. I haven't even heard of half of them!

W T G said...

Isn't FB similar to MySpace - a teeny-bop thing ? And BTW - don't knock Chilis, I happen to like it ....... : )
Be well & good cheers to you Ally.

p.s - I miss reading some of your more POSITIVE posts ....

TC said...

Someone successfully completed the BFF quiz? Wow.

Ally said...

TC: Not only did she successfully complete it, she sent me one in return! Very cool.

WTG: Your p.s. is duly noted:) And FB is....similar in theory to Myspace, I guess, but they're pretty different too. FB is great for sharing photos and sending party invites.

Anon: Well you're missing nothing by not being familiar with television programming. Good for you for not watching.

Ok Chick: You're right--the View was much better at first. Lisa Ling was a decent host, I thought way back when. And the photos of the food at some restaurants are definitely better than the actual taste.

Ys: I love the randomness of you dreaming about me! Hilarious. Our subconscious is something else.

CC: You know if I could dictate my blog posts for my secretary I'd post much more often.

bMoles said...

1. The Chicken Fajita Rollup at Applebees is great. I'll admit to getting a hankering for that once in awhile. Not gonna say I don't like place.

2. I had a dream last night I was eating McDonalds and I got so dream-angry at myself. 15 months and still going without fast-food.

Ally said...

Bmoles: Best comment you've ever written on my blog. "Dream angry"--nice.