Thursday, September 21, 2006

Candy: Inside-Out Reeses (they are out on the shelves now for Halloween), Snickers (I used to eat one or two every afternoon until I gained five pounds), Red Hots (I could easily eat two or three boxes a day), Nerds (I like the little boxes the best; I recommend biting the top off and pouring them down your throat), Wacky Wafers (I can’t ever find them anymore), Tootsie Pops (the chocolate ones are the best), Lion bars, and Goobers (my dad would dump them in the movie popcorn and they would melt, so you never knew if you handful would be chocolate-y or not)…I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Coloring/Crayons: I love sharp crayons and new coloring books. I think coloring is a medium of art that is totally overlooked.

California: I went there for 12 days after I took the Bar exam and loved it. Every day I would wonder around while my friend worked (in her convertible) and visit places like the Getty, Santa Monica, and Diddy Rieses (hot cookies for only 35 cents). The weather was perfect too. It was especially interesting because it was an election year, and the political mood there was so different than it is here.

Camille: I made friends with her at the gym when I lived in Buckhead. We rarely talk now that she lives in Buffalo, is married, and has a baby. But the story of her courtship with her husband is a source of encouragement and a reminder to me that God blesses our obedience.

CNN: It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got (on television).

Cheese, Carrabas (I love the bread and herbs), Cracker Barrel (the nicest restaurant in my hometown)

The Cabin: My mother’s extended family has get-togethers at the cabin at least once a year, and it’s in the most perfect setting: two ponds, lots of fields, trees, and large rocks to climb on. It’s absolutely peaceful, and it definitely feels like home.

College: Even when I was four I knew I was going, explaining to my mom that I didn’t necessarily have to move far away from her to attend. I am grateful to have been born into a family that values education and had high expectations of me. I cannot imagine not having had the experience of a liberal arts education.

Canyoning: I’ve only done it once—when I was in Switzerland. It was exhilarating and scary (the first bad sign was when the guide looked at my feet and threw me some rubber galoshes ala kindergarten style to put on my feet), and probably one of the least safe things I’ve ever done (besides driving a car of course). I’m glad I didn’t die (some Americans died the next year doing it) and only ended up with a broken toe.

Cell phones: I am able to stay in touch with people without sitting at home the whole time we talk. I love that!

Since every blog post is better with a photo, here's the only relevant pic I have at work--the driveway to my family's cabin.

p.s. The season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy is tonight! I’m ready for some more McDreamy.


Anonymous said...

Gosh I wish I could hear more about your dad. Sometimes it is dads who have great influence on a daughter's personality, choices etc. For example, I know a dad that told his daughter that he would help her much more with college if she attended in Ga. where Hope scholarship was available and schools just as good if one applied themselves and was not looking to major in something of a narrow field. A few years later when this same young lady desired to go out of state to law school her dad introduced her to Ga's most famous attorney Bobby Lee Cook and let him explain to her whether it was the school ( if decent) or the student that was really important in choosing a college whether in Ga. or out of state with more prestigious name. I may sound a little sensitive but it is only that sometime's my own daughter makes references to her mother and her family with few references to her dad. I think she conciously or subconciously is aware (or afraid) that she has too much in common. Just out of curiousity did your sister marry someone who reminds you in some ways of your own dad? If so, I suppose that is somewhat scary? Dr. RJJ

jordan said...

Did you get your fill of McDreamy lastnight? I LOVE that show.. (my favorite). I think Sandra Oh is HYSTERICAL. I'm such a huge fan of hers. Poor Izzy though.. I'd have laid on the bathroom floor with her too...

Ally said...

Dr. RJJ: I wonder if your daughter has ever written an entire blog just about you? That would be really nice too.

Jordan: I enjoyed the show! McDreamy doesn't seem as hot this season though...maybe the reality of the fact that he's married is setting in.

ella w. said...

Thanks for the shout out to California! Yes, it is really great to live out here. This will probably really date me, but when I was an undergrad Diddy Reese was only 25 cents a cookie.

As for McDreamy....I'd pick McVet over him any day. :)

Anonymous said...


This time of year I (and I think you are too) am thankful for Counting Crows. I know you already mentioned "August and Everything After" in an earlier post, but they have other great albums. Hard Candy has been one of my recent favorites.

I'm a bit surprised that "Church" didn't make your list, and was surprised not to see "Buckhead Church" in your "B" post. Must be hard to list all the C's you are thankful for!

I am thankful for Cabo San Lucas, Carl Winslow, cards(random greeting cards are the best), caramel macchiatos(spelling?), corn off the cob, cherry coke and carbon dioxide.
Hope you have a great weekend!


Ally said...

Ella: I think you're probably right about McVet--regardless McDreamy's proclamation of love rings hollow until he's divorced.

Donatello: I can't believe I forgot CMs (you actually nailed the spelling), Coke with grenadine, and my first and only FREE vacation (thanks to your employer and you)--to Cabo. And you're right--I thought about Counting Crows (double points if we were playing Scattegories), but since I've mentioned them a lot lately, I let it slide. Thanks for reminding me of all that I have to be thankful for that begins with the letter "c!"

Anonymous said...

Gomena-sai kudasai! Mea Culpa! Pardonne! Went back and saw where you indeed gave your dad kudos in a May blog. Kio sketa itte kudasai. By the way this is out of character for me but Ella W. in Ca. I too, by choice, am dating myself lol. Dr. Rjj

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous ll's comment. Perhaps we should set up a session re: what SGH stands. I only used LoL as a joke. I never use that 13 year old gibberish. Had you rather meet me in Boston , Jacksonville or North Ga for a session. Be very careful . Be Very Very Careful or I might get you actual email address and we both know that would not be good. SGH??? DR RIDGE

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