Friday, September 29, 2006

Remind me not to log onto news websites...

It's a gorgeous day and a lovely afternoon at the office. I'm working on a reply brief and needed a break so I logged onto CNN--big mistake. I've been sitting here trying not to cry for the last ten minutes. The top two national stories involve another school shooting (as well as sexual assaults) and a police officer being killed on his wife's birthday. The senselessness and evilness of it is overwhelming to me. This is why I generally don't watch the local news; it's so depressing. I'm not exactly sure how you balance the desire to be informed with the desire to not be upset.

Anyway on a light-hearted note, I enjoyed Grey's Anatomy last night, and it got me to thinking about the topic for another post--why women would settle for anything less than "dating." Personally I am looking forward to seeing how Meredith's decision plays out--it should be entertaining.

I hope you all have a superb weekend. I'm spending mine with my fantastic nieces and baking a white chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.


Anonymous said...

mmm I want some of that cake :-)

I know what you mean about seeing the news, whether it's on tv or the internet... very very sad.

Grey's was great lastnight as usual.. I LOVE that show so much. I think Meredith will bounce back and forth between the two of them the entire season.

Anonymous said...

I think old fashioned dating is a new concept for our generation. I can't wait to see what happens on Grey's Anatomy. Sometimes a girl just needs to be courted. :)

cdp said...

I totally agree about Gray's. I mean, why should she have to choose? Nobody ever just dates anymore. I find it to be a glorious idea.

Also, I like your daily devotionals link. Was just thinking to myself yesterday that I haven't had a good devotional book in a while. Thanks for sharing that.

Ally said...

cdp: My pleasure! I figure if I can spend waaaaaaaaaay too much time on the Internet reading blogs, e-mails, etc. that I can spend a few minutes reading a devotional too:)

Ella: I'm a huge fan of courting. We should never settle for less.

Jordan: I think you're exactly right about Meredith--they are going to keep us guessing.