Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gratitude: The Letter U

Uniqueness: It's what makes life interesting.

Underoos: When I was little I liked to put on my Wonder Woman underoos and top and spin around and around in the yard--until I turned into WW myself. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time spinning.

Unhappiness: Obviously I do not like being unhappy, but I am grateful for how my years of relative unhappiness make me feel so incredibly grateful for the joy I feel now.

U2: I like the old stuff too, but the song "Beautiful Day" is on my current playlists.

Usher: The song "Yeah" has probably brought me entirely too much happiness; it always puts me in the right mood to go out. Oh, the song "Burn" had fun memories too--a drunk coworker sang that song in karaoke one night, and I've never seen him so emphatic and dramatic. It was hilarious.

Understanding: There's not much better than being understood (except being loved). I love the feeling that I have when I feel like someone really "gets" me, and I love trying to understand either people and really knowing them.

Unforgettable moments, the words "uber" and "Uruguay" (I just like the pronunciation)

On to other news, I'm taking tomorrow off and am looking forward to going to my niece Alaina's school (and suprising her with my arrival tonight--or this afternoon if I sneak out of here early)--and hopefully catching up with my best friend, who is a stay at home mom; in the last four years, I think I've seen her twice (for about an hour or two tops) without a child. And as much as I love children, I miss my best friend and being able to have an actual conversation. Her boys will both be in school in the morning, so I'm thinking we might be able to meet up.

In other news, I'm seriously thinking about taking a "big" trip in May. I'm exploring options and despite my enjoyment of my two days alone in NYC, I am a little wary of traveling for two weeks or more alone. I am so connected with so many people now on an almost daily basis that I wonder if I'll feel lonely. On the flip side, I met nice people to talk with each day in NYC. Anyway, I talked to my friend Sam last night, and we discussed the possibility of traveling together. I told him my reservation is that he's an extrovert and I'm not, which in our cases means I like doing things separately a good bit. His take is that we split things up, doing the things I want part of the time and his stuff the other part. My take is that we do the things we both want to do together and divide and conquer the rest, meeting up at night for dinner, since I need some time alone anyway. So we're both thinking about how that might work out and where we might like to go. Regardless the conversation we had made me glad that I finally understand myself and my limits and can express them.


ella w. said...

Go to SPAIN!

allbilly said...

Might traveling alone be a good thing? Kinda your own walk in the urban woods. Or just the woods?

Ally said...

Ella: If we don't go to Australia, Fiji, or New Zealand, I'm definitely going to Spain.

Allbilly: That's a great point. I've thought that I might travel with Sam for two weeks and then alone for a week or two.

Anonymous said...

I love "Yeah!" as a going out song, always pumps me up!

Trixie said...

Planning for a trip is very exciting. I hope you get to go!

If you go with your friend, splitting up the sightseeing based on what you want to see and what he wants to see. If you don't agree, then you can split up and just meet afterwards.

How about Greece?! :)

Jeff Price said...

I loved Underoos!! Although I was more partial to Superman, Batman & Chewbacca. If they made these now for adults and in boxers rather than briefs...I'd be all over them!

Anonymous said...

See there...these letters are NOT hard. I don't think V W X Y & Z will be a problem either.

Loved your list--those are great songs!!

I hope you work something out for a vacation. I hope your friend is open to the idea of you needing to be alone. He might enjoy some alone time too, if he'd try it.

Ally said...

Ruby: It even pumped me up at work this morning.

Trixie: I am leaning toward Athens and a Greek Isle or two and then Spain....

Jeff: You didn't have any Wonder Woman or Daisy Duke roos:)?

FC&F: I think you're right--he'd likely enjoy it. I just want us to be on the same page--and not get all the way to Europe and realize we're not a good traveling pair.

brandy said...

I'm jumping on board with the "Yeah!" appreciation, it's a great getting ready to go out song. And I agree with the Spain idea. I loved it. I really, really loved it. Loved it like I love fanta love. And that's a lot.

angel, jr. said...

I think I would like traveling more if I had friends with your attitude. We do the things we want to do together and then we separate for the rest. I wouldn't want to get dragged somewhere where I really don't want to be and I don't want someone tagging along with me half-assed. The world needs more travel buddies like you.