Thursday, March 15, 2007

Things I'm grateful for that begin with the letter "V" is tough! Feel free to add yours since I've not done a very good job.

Voting, Venice, video games (I wonder how many hours I spent playing Mario Brothers and Zelda), veracity, vaccinations (yeah for the HPV vaccine now available), the Verve Pipe's song "The Freshman," Velvet Revolver, "Video Killed the Radio," and the word "vacillate."

Volunteering: I've learned so much through the various opportunities I've had to work with others.

Valencia, Spain: It's on the list of cities I'll visit on my trip.'s the spice of life.

On sort of the flip side of gratitude is pet peeves, and here's one of mine: People who insist on eating at one particular restaurant because they are on a diet and then proceed to order a salad covered in caesar dressing. I understand not wanting to go to a restaurant that only serves fried food or something similarly unhealthy but demanding one restaurant so you can consume a ridiculous amount of fat and calories on your "diet" makes no sense.

Equally annoying was the vegetarian I worked with one summer who vetoed almost every restaurant selection every day because "all that restaurant offers for vegetarians is salad and vegetables."

And on a much less annoying note, happy Friday!!!


PeeJ said...

Ally I think I've just fallen vicariously in love with you :) What an awesome list. Nice to know that there's at least one more blogger out there who has a dirty filthy videogames habit :)

Other V words I love:

Velvet (for some reason I always imagine the deepest darkest maroons or purples)

Veni Vidi Vici - "I came, I saw, I conquered"

Van Morrison - Hell of a singer that guy

Volkswagen Beetles (and campers) - I'd have one of each, perfectly restored

Happy friday hon.


Aaron said...

Wow. A lot to digest in such a short blog. I'm surprised you didn't put Violet Femmes on the list. Not sure why, but I thought you might have mentioned them. Or Van Halen for that matter! ;)

And I never would have thought you to be the video game type, either. That's interesting.

Wow. V is a hard one. I'm gonna go with Visa: because I hate to carry cash. :)

Still just me said...

Visa, Sid Vicious (sp?), Valium,(a must for bi-polar like me), vacation, vagina, viagra, vote, and last but not least, Van Halen, who is rumored to begin touring again with David Lee Roth~!

Ally said...

Still Just Me: How did I forget vacation? That is one of my absolute favorte things.

Aaron: Violent Femmes is an excellent addition to my list. Visa is good too; I like my miles.

Peej: I've misled you. I thought the Mario Bros. and Zelda reference would show that it was a habit years ago--when I was in elementary and middle school. I've not played in years, although I'd probably still enjoy it.

e.b. said...

How about Van Morrison and vegetables? And in certain situations....valium!

allbilly said...

Value Meals, Valentine's day, Vegas, Victoria Beckham, Vilocoraptor's, Victoria TX., Venison (for your niece)

ella w. said...

Venice (California), Velvet Underground and of course my ride, Volvo.

brookem said...

I like your list! V IS hard! Did you add pet peeves because "peeves" has a v? Ha!
I'll add... Vogue, Victoria's Secret, & volleyball.

Ex Boyfriend said...

How about Viagra? I have found it to be a great substitute for other methods (i.e. using a shoestring or the "fold over" method)

Ryane said...

Oh, I second the Van Morrison nomination. And add: Van Halen, valencia oranges, (re-runs) of V: The Series on Sci-Fi, Voltaire, vision, voyages, the song "Veronica" by Elvis Costello, Viggo Mortenson (mmmmm)..

OK. I am out of V's. What a great post!

Anonymous said...

I love a violin. I could listen to someone play for hours. That's the only other v word I can think of right now except maybe vroom vroom--you know fast cars!!

Your pet peeves are very justified.

Allen Madding said...

V-twin (the motorcycle engine that sounds soooo good)

Volume (rocknroll sounds better with the right amount of volume)

Varsity - had some of their greasy onion rings and a frosted orange today...wonderful!

brandy said...

I like how I'm actually saying V words out loud while I'm typing. All I can add is that I agree with Visa. And Victoria Secret and vacations, which my visa pays for...

Ally said...

e.b.: I'm not surprised that vegetables didn't occur to me--but good addition.

Brandy: V is tough!

Allen: I cannot believe I forgot the Varsity. It has the best onion rings.

FC&F: I like violins too; good call.

Ryane: Vision is a great one--I'm even more grateful now that I don't have to wear contacts or glasses.

ex-boyfriend: SGH, donk.

Brookem: Volleyball makes me think of vacations at the beach....

Ella: That's a good ride to have; I like Volvos too.

Allbilly: Thanks for the shout-out to my niece; she'd obviously be disappointed by my omission.

cdp said...

Flat, OMG I freaking LOVE Varsity. SUCH a good call. Wow I need to calm down with the caps, don't I?

Veracity (just really like that word); villains, especially in Disney movies (Cruella DeVille, a great one); Vicks VapoRub; and hello . . . ??!! VACAY! I'm surprised you left that one off, Ms. World Traveler!

Happy weekend!

cdp said...

Okay. Cindy needs to read comments more carefully. I figured you'd have realized the vacay omission. Just didn't see it the first time. And ps, I am developing a nasty habit of leaving multiple comments, almost always inadvertently or because I have to add something like this. Doh.

Trixie said...

oooh V is tough.

all i can think of right now is Victoria's Secret and video games.

pet peeve.... when people on the bus or train don't give up their seat to an obviously pregnant woman. you'd be surprised how many of them are women too, tsk tsk. for the men who don't give up the seats to pregnant women -- how would you feel if it was your wife or sister that was standing on the bus, 8 mos pregnant?

Lost said...

I'm cracking up at your last bit about those dieting and vegetarians!

Totally true....