Monday, March 26, 2007

The Letter X: Gratitude

X-rays that show I have no cavities. I opt to do these every other year or so now since I don't have dental insurance and never have cavities, but it's always a relief when they come back showing none.

Xerox: It makes life a little more convenient.

Xacto Knife: They come in handy.

Hmm...not a very impressive list, but the best I can do with the letter X.

My favorite lunch spot, the Soup Kitchen, seems as if it may become my latest free dating service. Last week the owner Pete asked me if I'm dating anyone and how old I am, so we all know where he was going with that. He then proceeds to tell me about this guy ("Sal") he's met recently who is very conscientious and nice, and "if looks matter to you, let me tell you--he's a hunk." Note: this entire conversation took place right beside the table where Mr. Regular sat. Pete said that Sal might be stopping by later that day, so maybe I'd get to meet him before I finished my lunch. I am, of course, blushing throughout this and laughing. When you're as fair as me it doesn't take much to blush.

Despite my friend Grace's suggestion that we prolong our lunch to ensure my meeting of Sal, we did not witness the "hunk."

Fast forward to Friday when I'm dining at the Soup Kitchen (again) with my friend Beth. Owner Pete comes by our table and says he wants to introduce me to someone--Sal's sister who assures me that not only is her brother beautiful on the outside, he's even more beautiful on the inside. Beth hears the guy's name and tells me she thinks he is very cute too. Anyway, the sister hits me up for my number, so I give her my card.

Today Pete told me that one day I'm going to come in when Sal is there and that the place is going to blow up from the fireworks. You gotta love older people. They meet two younger single people that they think are attractive, and voila, there's an explosive match. Finally Pete's wife chimed in, noting that a bad match could result in them losing a very regular customer:) After all, I'm averaging lunch there about 3 or 4 times a week now. And thanks to my new e-trainer, I'm going to start averaging a three mile run and weights the same number of times a week (no more slacking with my 25 or less minute visits to the gym).


brandy said...

Two things,
1.I think you've covered all the X words out there. I can't think of a single reason why someone would be grateful for the xylophone. Good job!
2. This Sal sounds pretty wonderful, and the fact you've already met his sister? Excellent. Fingers crossed things work out. (This further proves my theory I need to become a foodie regular somewhere. If not for the atmosphere, but for the matchmaking capabilities!)

Jeff Price said...

What about the X-Men? Without their mutant crime fighting abilities, we might not all know Hugh Jackman as well as we do.

Perhaps Pete should encourage Sal to make an attempt to be there around your normal lunch time? And if that doesn't work out, I know some single guys who might make the effort ;-)

PeeJ said...

Would Richard X count? Now that's some awesome arse-wigglingly good music :)


Aaron said...

I thought we'd get a mention of an X-boyfriend or something??

And I was wondering when you were going to mention the story about the new guy at the soup kitchen. But since I got advance notice of the topic this past Friday, I didn't feel so bad. :D

brookem said...

Good X list; I can't think of anymore either!

I can't wait to hear more about Sal!

Tell me more about this e-trainer! Sounds cool. Good for you with the runs and the weights! T'is the season for that kind of thing now that the weather is getting nicer:)

ella w. said...

What is an e-trainer?

X-boyfriend is a good one Aaron.

I hope you and Sal's paths cross soon! Was his sister cute? That is usually a good sign.

Trixie said...

X is a toughie....

I'm going with X-Files. :)

Wow, this guys is sure getting good word of mouth... I hope you get meet him soon. :)

Kimberly said...

I can't believe you're already almost at the end of the alphabet.

I used to like to watch the X-files, although it made me nervous.

I'm proud to be part of Generation X, whatever that means.

Mark's band sings a cheesy song called "X-tra Special Lovin." That's not really my favorite song of theirs but it's cute.

Hope you have an x-tra special day and good luck with the new restaurant guy! :)

Anonymous said...

If you're ever down in Jacksonville, Florida I know of a very good restuarant that might qualify for this posting. Bistro Aix (pronounced "X") is my favorite restaurant in the entire world(of those I've been to). They have thge best calamari(spelling?), steak frites, and quiche this side of the Mississippi.

allbilly said...

What about XXX movies?

Anonymous said...

Great list!!!

I hope you get to meet Sal. It's already starting to sound like a movie I'd need tissues for...I'm a sucker for mushy love stories.

Ally said...

FC&F: We'll see--I'll keep you posted.

Allbilly: I wondered who was going to mention that one...not something I'm grateful for, sorry:)

Donatello: It is yummy! Good addition.

Kimberly: Isn't it funny how we watch shows/movies that make us uncomfortable?

Trixie: I'm definitely curious to see what Pete's version of a "hunk" is.

Ella: His sister is cute--dark skin, eyes, and hair. An e-trainer is just what I'm calling my accountability/tell me what to do buddy.

Brookem: X is just tough! Y should be easier.

Aaron: You should know that with my anal spelling that I wouldn't include ex-boyfriends, etc.

Peej: I have no clue who that is!

Jeff: I'm playing total passive with the situation, meaning that I don't bring it up (Pete has about 4 times now though) or suggest anything. And my lunch time sort of varies, so we'll see.

Brandy: I love being a regular at places--I like the familiarity and friendliness of it.

PeeJ said...

Ally - I guess it's a brit thing. He remixes a lot of other people's stuff but he did his own solo album and it is bum-wigglingly ace.


Ryane said...

HAHA. Whenever you meet this mysterious Sal, I hope you are able to at least have fun.

I have only one X, and I stand by my choice:
Xanadu. The Movie. ;-)

Ally said...

Ryane: I've never heard of Xanadu. It sounds....odd:)

Peej: "Bum wigglingly" sounds like quite the recommendation!