Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is There a NRA for Children?

So I left work today around 2:30 and managed to make it through Atlanta traffic before dark, allowing my nieces and me to take a walk before dinner. They were SO surprised by my arrival, and Alaina is thrilled that I'm reading to her class tomorrow and helping with writer's workshop. I'm pretty excited too. And I get a quick breakfast with my best friend sans children in the morning.

On the walk back to their home, I noticed two fake baby deer in front of someone's house. I pointed them out to the girls, and immediately Alaina raises her arms to mimic a gun and started saying "boom," "boom," "boom." I'll bet she fired off ten shots before I could even express my surprise. We walked past the house, and then she turned around to get a few more shots off, explaining that the deer would taste good (venison is good but...). Before it was said and done those deer would have had so many bullets in them, I doubt you could even have salvaged any meat. I'm not sure when her love for Bambi passed, and she took up this afinity for killing tiny little deer--but her dad (Billy Bob) says she gets it from him.

Anyway, this was especially funny since I could rest assured that if (eharmony) Bachelor #2 ever met her that he'd pass the niece test.

p.s. Speaking of Bachelor #2: should I respond to his last e-mail, stating that I've enjoyed chatting but that I've decided to pursue something else (i.e. solitude:) or something like that? Or do I just not reply? Keep in mind that we've exchanged several e-mails but that is the extent of our communication.

Happy Friday!!!


e.b. said...

Eh, I don't think you owe him anything necessarily.

allbilly said...

Is there a "ms. manners" for online dating?

As far as the shooting...that is hilarious. Maybe I should send her a camo BUD cap for her birthday...oh wait...Billy Bob will already be giving her that.

My oldest would have went into how great deer were, what they eat, how we shouldn't destroy their environment and how he would shoot a hunter if it tried to kill the deer, so they can balance each other out. Oh end up shooting each other.

Clearlykels said...

hmmm, interesting. Not exactly my style but I have to say that I am happy that she is crossing gender stereotypes.

I might e-mail him and say that you don't think it is exactly a match. But I have a hard time leaving e-mails hanging.

e.b. said...

I am actually Ms. AllBilly suggesting that you should take my advice?!?!?

Ally said...

e.b.: I don't think I "owe" him anything either, but I want to do the right thing. But then again, it's just e-mails. Thanks Ms. Manners:)

Billy: I like your son's thoughtful take. I think what struck me about Alaina's shooting is that they were BABY deer, and she filled them with 15 bullets.

Clearlykels: I do like some gender crossing behavior; but of course this isn't uncommon in my family-my mom and aunts all hunt too.

Trixie said...

Happy Friday, Ally!

Spending time with your neices and helping out at their school is just so priceless.

There's no right answer whether to email bach#2 or not. Do what you feel is comfortable for you. If you want to be friends, then maybe a short email will suffice. If you do not particularly care for him at all, then you probably do not need to email him.

Have a great weekend!

brandy said...

I would send an email, but that's just me. Like said by clearlykels, I have a hard time leaving emails hanging. Plus, if the situation was reversed I would probably want an email from him saying something like 'although you are the greatest person I ever met, I just need time for myself right now' or something similar.

Jeff Price said...

Of course there is a third option – to set aside the superficial revelations he has provided thus far to get to know him better before you make the decision that he is or isn’t for you.

Enjoy your weekend...guess you won't be watching Bambi with the nieces?!

allbilly said...

Oh...and from watching Bowling for Columbine and growing up in East Texas, I feel certain the NRA has "junior" chapters.

brookem said...

Hope you are having a great day with your neices. Interesting about the deer stuff!
Well Jeff really threw a wrench into the whole thing now, didn't he? I would email him. I too have trouble with just no response at all. I think, since you've exchanged several emails already, I'd have to at least say something to kind of give him some closure. But that's just me. Maybe it's not even worth it. Let us know what you do/decide.

ella w. said...

One date won't kill you with Bachelor #2....or have you already gone on one?

icadle said...

I like the advice
of Mr. Price

Anonymous said...

Alaina reminds me of the girl in MY COUSIN VINNY who was an expert mechanic. (won an oscar) Her dad and all her brothers and uncles were mechanics which led lots of credibility to her qualifications along with the "positraction" question and the "trick question about a "57 Chevy with a 327 motor. Alaina could say her Great-grandfather is in his 70s and always deerhunted , her grandmother has hunted deer all her life as has her two Adult Aunts. Her Maternal grandfather hunted for 15 years and her dad occasionally deer hunts. Also her Step-grandfather has deer hunted all his life. By the time she finished I am sure she would be an honorary jr. NRA member.Anonymous

e.b. said...

I stick with my original answer - there is no need to lie about why you don't want to be with him and if you don't feel it, you shouldn't force yourself to go out with him. Things like guns and NRA don't have to be negotiable.

Ally said...

Jeff: You guilted me into responding to his e-mail. I asked him a lot of questions in my e-mail (unlike his last e-mail to me which only asked me if I was on myspace), so hopefully he'll provide some good answers. I understand your point, but then again, I also have spent a lot of time with hunting obsessed people and don't care to do so again. With that being said, perhaps he's not as obsessed as his myspace page indicates.

e.b.: As you see above, I'm responded to his e-mail. I don't mind the gun part--I'm just not a fan of any kind of intense obsession that rules someone's life. We'll see what his response is like (and if it's more engaging than his last e-mail).

Anon: Alaina and I certainly come from a long line of hunters, so she comes by it honest; that's for sure.

Ivy: I took it! Nice poem.

Ella: No, I've not even talked to him.

Brookem: I've had the best weekend with my nieces!

Brandy: As you can read, I responded.

Billy: I googled it, and yes, there are some sort of NRAs for children.

Trixie: It was absolutely priceless. Such a wonderful way to spend a day off from work.

Anonymous said...

My ex was a game warden as I told you so I'm all for hunting and outdoor experiences with children but it sounds like someone needs to have a little hunter education talk!!

What did you decide about camo dude? Did you reply to his email? He'd probably appreciate one, but I don't think it's a MUST by any means, he'll get the hint. And with turkey season approaching who knows if he'll even notice what's going on with his computer. (sorry still a bit bitter)

Ally said...

FC&F: Alaina will have to go to Hunters' Safety class like I did. I e-mailed him back, so we'll see. And yes, it's funny how you learn each of the seasons (and bow v. gun) when you're around someone who observes them as if they were religious holidays or something:)

Aaron said...

Alaina didn't need to shoot the deer 15 times. She was just being thorough. :D

Jeff Price said...

Just so you know I wasn’t trying to guilt you into anything….was just offering a different perspective than others I had seen expressed here. That being said I’m glad to hear you are taking the opportunity to learn more about one another. And try as I might, I could rhyme nothing with icadle lol

Ally said...

Aaron: You gotta appreciate someone who wants to do the job right.

Jeff: I welcome a variety of perspectives (hence this blog) and always look forward to your twist--even if it does guilt me into e-mailing some boy:)

Ally said...

Aaron: You gotta appreciate someone who wants to do the job right.

Jeff: I welcome a variety of perspectives (hence this blog) and always look forward to your twist--even if it does guilt me into e-mailing some boy:)