Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Answered Prayers

One of my ongoing goals has been to keep a prayer journal. I’ve tried this several times over the last few years, and I usually end up totally neglecting to follow through after my first few entries. My latest attempt morphed into kind of a prayer journal but more of a venting and processing emotions and thoughts kind of journal. I think it’s a helpful process as typing and sorting through my feelings helps me, at least, feel more rational and figure out what is really bothering me.

I want to keep a prayer journal because I have a terrible memory, and a prayer journal would help me see how God is faithful and answers my prayers. I sometimes forget what I’ve prayed for, and on at least one occasion, a friend has had to point out to me that I had prayed for something and that it looked like God was answering my prayer. I was missing the answer because I had forgotten about my prayer. I know that sounds ridiculous, so just be glad you’ve got a better memory than me.

One prayer I specifically remember is a prayer for friends in Macon after law school graduation. My friends were all moving for their jobs, and I knew joining the real world was going to be a huge adjustment that would be even harder since my friends wouldn’t be here. I somewhat tried to put myself in the right places to make friends. But I ended up spending most weekends in Atlanta, going out and playing flag football in a league there and spending a lot of time with my law school friends. I obviously had not fully accepted that God wanted me in Macon nor had I realized that I even needed Christian friends who were actively seeking God. As you can imagine, I wasn’t overwhelmed with an abundance of friends in Macon, and I wasn’t putting myself in the place for God to answer my prayer.

With time the going out became old and not as much fun anymore and flag football season ended, and I finally started hanging out in Macon on the weekends. And over the last year and a half, God has blessed me with the best friends I’ve ever had. These friendships are very different from almost all of the friendships I’ve had in the past. They are so much more meaningful. And it’s because we share our faith and encourage each other in the most important relationship in our lives—the one we share with God. It’s so reassuring to have friends who give wise counsel, hold me accountable, and can point me in the right direction, whether it’s by sharing scripture, a book, a sermon, or a prayer. And for that, I’m incredibly grateful.

p.s. This post was inspired by a fantastic evening with friends--the most delicious home cooked dinner I’ve had in months (if not years), wonderful conversation, and a surprise gift tied to my windshield wipers from another friend (I love surprises!). I am so blessed.

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ilLegal said...

What a great post!! Sounds like you may be finding some positive energy yet!