Thursday, August 17, 2006

Praise Him under open skies
Everything breathing praising God
In the company of all who love the King
I will dance, I will sing
It could be heavenly
Turn the music loud, life my voice and shout
From where I am
From where I've been
He's been there with me
He's built a monument
His very people
So let his people
Sing, sing, sing

And it's so wonderful
Just to be here now

Lift your voice to heaven
Lift up your head and sing
To the One who gave his love
This is our offering
Lift your voice to heaven
Lift up your head and sing
To the One who gave His son
Here our lives we bring

From wherever you are
Wherever you've been
He's been there
So let his people sing

Some of the lyrics to my new favorite song ("Open Skies"), which is now on constant repeat. Aren't they awesome? (Thanks for the CD LB.) Well on reread I see that they don't have the same import without the music. But how cool is that we have a God who understands our pain and our joy and wherever we've been? As someone who was once agnostic, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for my faith and that I have a desire to seek a relationship with God. That's so huge, and this song is a good reminder of all that I have to celebrate (even if I am a freak magnet).

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kimberly said...

our service at church on Sunday was about the importance of worship - and the story of 2 Chronicles 20 in which a group of warriors went into battle singing and praising God, and they never even had to fight the battle because the worship so confused the enemy that they destroyed themselves! I think it is pretty amazing that worship isn't just for our own benefit but it has an effect reaching far beyond ourselves.