Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Wonder What People Say About Me

when my name is mentioned. Macon is a super small world, so I wasn’t totally shocked when a partner strolled into my office this morning and said “So I hear you’re going out with Jake Smith* (this is the guy that the other partner gave my number to a few weeks ago).” The partner proceeded to tell me that “Jake was a VERY charming guy. But he’s really wild.”

So I went to lunch with the female attorneys at the firm today and told them that I was meeting this Jake guy and his friends for drinks/dinner after work. So one of them says “Oh he’s a nice guy. He’s my son’s doctor* and is always really sweet. He looks like he’s 22 though.” I asked one of my exes, a Maconite, about the guy, and he informed me that he was a very nice guy but was really wild. When I further inquired about the “wild,” my ex said that the guy was really wild in high school—and allegedly burned down a house. Since the guy is 32 now, I doubt that’s still an issue, but we’ll see.

So anyway all of this makes me wonder simply out of curiosity what people say when my name is mentioned. I’m sure the fact that I’m not a Republican comes up since I live in what feels like a one political party town, but other than that I’m not sure. I know that before one of my blind dates, the guy was informed that I liked the crab and lobster dip at Tic Toc and that I was pretty. That’s probably enough information for most guys, so they probably don’t hear as much about their prospective dates as us girls do.

It’s funny because we all just see part of each other. Our coworkers see one side of us; some friends see another and so on. We all just get snapshots of each others’ lives and naturally base our judgments on what we see. For example, I think my friends perceive me totally different than my family does. My family’s perception of me is from the vantage point of my entire lifetime, and some things are never forgotten (like my sister will still occasionally bring up how mean I was to her 15 years ago) and inform their opinion about me. Plus I act differently around different people. I guess the fun part of having these limited vantage points is that people can and do constantly surprise us. I love it when I learn something totally random and unexpected about someone. So if you have something like that to share, please do so.

As for myself, random things include: sharing a birthday and first/middle name with my step-sister; working as a nanny for a year; being engaged in college; going to Vegas last year to meet two guys I had never actually met (hence my relationship with Donatello)…hmm I’m starting to think that I’m not that random. Well next weekend I’m sharing a house near Destin with 18 people I don’t know and one that I do. That’s kind of random.

Post note: Jake and I talked about how our matchmaker set this up, and it turns out Jake had asked around about me as well. I won't bore you with all the details of what he heard, but I thought it was funny that one guy (who I've never even heard of) told him that he knew me and said "She's a great girl, but she plays her cards right." What does that mean?


ilLegal said...

I love old friends. One, just last week, told wifey that I once called her "flavor of the week." It took a bit to recover from that bit of ancient history. New friends are fun to because you are making a new bond and always learning something new about that person that totally changes any presuppositions you may have had. Its amazing how many dimensions a person can have. Ain't life fun!

Jordan said...

that is strange; "she's a great girl but plays her cards right"...
it seems "but" shouldn't even be in that sentence.

That's a good thing!! (playing your cards right)

Aaron said...

I agree with Jordan. The "but" definately carries some negative connotations.

Sounds like he was trying to say that you're out of his league. :D

Ally said...

I hadn't thought of it that way Aaron, but that sounds good to me! Ha.