Sunday, November 19, 2006

Check out the donkeys I befriended this weekend.

Here are some of things I'm grateful for that begin with the letter "K":

Krispy Kreme: When the hot light is on it's almost sacrilegious not to stop (unless it's one of those locations where the hot light is perpetually on). If you're nice, you might persuade them to run a chocolate covered creme filled doughnut through the hot glaze again.

K's Choice: Love the song "Not an Addict"

Keith Urban: One of the few newer country artists I like; he's got a few good songs to run to--same goes for Kelli Clarkson.

Kenny Loggins: "Footloose" I can't help but smile. If for some reason you've never seen the movie, go rent it this weekend. He sings the theme from Caddyshack too.

Kenny Rogers: You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

Kirk Franklin: Rap music I can share with my nieces! Kimberly thanks for exposing me to him via your myspace page.

The Killers, "Keep it Up" (Soul Asylum), "King of New Orleans" (Better than Ezra rocks), kangaroos, Kit Kats, knowledge, kitchens (where else would I bake?), knees (I'm sooo glad I don't have any knee problems like so many people I know do), ketchup,

Kindness: I really got into random acts of kindness for a while and need to pick the habit back up. The kindness of others constantly makes me smile and reminds me of God's love and blessings.

Kimberly: I am so glad to know you!

Kinetix: We finally got a real gym, and even better, it's 1/2 mile from where I live. It sill makes me feel a little dumb to go to the gym for only 20 minutes, but sometimes a quick run is all I want.

Kin: a very Southern way of saying family....I'm especially excited about getting to spend four consecutive days with them courtesy of Thanksgiving.

Kindred spirits: My date this weekend to my friend's wedding--in which I was a bridesmaid. My date and I both love to write, read, discuss serious stuff, and flit around at social events. Oh, he also has a great camera, never forgets it, and takes lots of photos, often in fun poses (see me in the bride's veil). He's the perfect date. He even brought me a gift for being his date (even though he was my date). He knew a few people at the wedding and is socially adept, quickly making friends with my friend Grace's boyfriend. We proceeded to have great conversations at the bed and breakfast where we stayed; we're such kindred spirits about a lot, but we're also very different and he is constantly challenging my perspective.

This morning on the way back home from the wedding festivities, we were briefly lost and didn't get stressed at all. And neither one of us overreacted when we heard a loud noise while traveling at 75 mph, thinking we had a flat tire. In short, we always enjoy laid-back time together, and it looks like I'll be either going to Charleston or Knoxville with him in January, so there's one trip.

Happy short work week!!!


Flat Coke and Flies said...

You look beautiful!! I love Kenny Rogers--I saw him in concert a year ago.

Krispy Kreme!! Yummy Yummy 2 my tummy!!

Keith Urban--he gets out of rehab in time for Thanksgiving. I hope he does better this time. Love his music!

Kindness--wish there was more in the world.

Anonymous said...

This "date" you speak of... do we get any more details about this?

Yes, I am prying:-P

Rick said...

This date sounds like a potential McDreamy.....

Anonymous said...

I vote for more information on Mcwedding date!! Nice photos, as always!

Ella said...

Who is this Mcwedding date? :)

Anonymous said...

Ps...that donkey is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison, Thanks for putting me on your K list! I'm so glad I know you too. Here's my list of "K's" that I'm thankful for:
My sister Kerri, Kool-Aid, Kleenex, Keebler Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies and those cute Keebler elves, and speaking of elves, I'm also thankful for Kris Kringle this time of year.
Also Kevin James (the comedian), K-Fed (well, actually, not really), Koala bears, kittens, and kids. To name a few. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Ally said...

Kimberly: Those are some good additions--especially the Keebler elves and Koala bears.

AM: There were a bunch of donkeys at the wedding. And cows, which mooed during the ceremony, were there too. Fun times.

Ella, Jordan, "Rick," and AM: I may just write a quick post tonight about the "McDreamy" date for the "McWedding."

FC&F: Thanks! I've never seen Kenny Rogers in concert, but I'm sure it would be an interesting crowd complete with lighters.

Anonymous said...

When you said you liked to date jackasses, I had no idea...

Ally said...


Anonymous said...

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