Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shame Shame Shame

I hope Americans are not going to disappoint me, but all of the major news outlets predict that they will--overwhelmingly. And this time it's not through their voting power:) It's through their buying power.

You may already be sick of hearing about O.J. Simpson's book If I Did It, which is hitting the shelves on November 30. Some are pre-ordering it on Amazon.

Personally I want to stand by the cash registers at my local Barnes & Noble so that I can see who buys this book. It infuriates me that anyone would even consider purchasing a book written by a killer who is gloating about the fact that he suceeded in getting away with the violet crime. I makes no matter to me that he may not profit from this book or that people are curious. It's sick.

Imagine the agony of the victims' families; not only was the killer found not guilty, he's now written a book detailing the murders and being featured in a special on Fox, essentially bragging about he got away with taking two lives. Who would help O.J. succeed in doing so?

At first I thought of the other day at the Soup Kitchen when the television in the corner was turned to the local news, which had a special report about a plane that had just landed on the interstate. Two guys at a table near my friend Grace & me, looked at each other and said "We gotta go check this out." Ridiculous. Someone rushing to the scene of the accident--not to render help--but to add to the confusion and chaos that comes with an emergency. But that's not quite the same thing as purchasing O.J.'s book.

What really got me wound up about this was hearing that Walmart is selling the book. Yes, I know Walmart is the devil and all, but it, at least, occasionally tries to pretend to have morals or some weird form of them. For example, when I bought the single (remember when you used to buy those tapes in the cardboard wrapper?) "I'm a Bitch" from Walmart, I was rudely surprised when I listened to the tape and the word "bitch" was muted out. Seriously. Why even sell the single? So Walmart isn't going to let its customers hear the word "bitch," but they are going to sell a book detailing the murder the author got away with. Insane.

I'd love to hear about some major retailers who are refusing to sell the book. I'd love to see corporate America stand up for something besides the almighty dollar. It makes me think about Chik-fil-a and how cool it is that it isn't open on Sundays (which is, of course, the only day of the week I crave it) even though that is certainly "costing" the company millions of dollars. I guess I want to see people say something is wrong and refuse to be a part of it because whether our society wants to admit it or not, there are things that are just wrong.

p.s. I know I'm rambling...I'm just mad (and watching Grey's Anatomy). For a slightly more coherent rant on relativism, check out this post.


Flat Coke and Flies said...

I think OJ and his book and be flushed down the toilet. I wouldn't dare read the book.

I know what you mean about walmart & their tapes/CD's. I noticed the other day Fergie and Justin Timberlake's CD's were "edited versions". Why bother?

Anonymous said...


I was going to blog this today too. I suppose I need to blog more and work less. :)

I think you're missing the point. OJ isn't discussing how he murdered anybody. This is a fictional book about how if he were to have murdered them, how he would have done it. Give the man a break. A jury of his peers found him not guilty of those crimes.

Anonymous said...

Ally, I am totally with is disgusting. And it is disgusting for someone to publish it and for Fox to air an advertisement for the book in the form of an interview.

About the only thing I can think is that the guilt has finally gotten to him and this is his way of confessing. That is the nicest thing I can say.

I guess mostly I just don't care. It is a shame that he killed people and got away with it, but that is over and done with and he has been appropriately shamed by the Nation. Really I just wish he would go away, and the publishing, selling and promoting of the book just make him stick around longer.

icadle said...

If you think this is bad, Heidi Fleiss has stated that Mike Tyson, convicted rapist, will be servicing the ladies at her new Stud Farm in Nevada. Ladies & Gentlemen, we have hit an all time low.

Anonymous said...

Uggh!!! I just wrote this whole comment and it didn't post!
I was just saying, I have no clue about this book or what OJ has been up to lately (I never watch TV). I don't understand why he would write a book called "If I Did It" if he didn't do it. Perhaps to show how he wouldn't have done it that way - but that implies that he WOULD have done it some way...which is so morbid and horrifying! Celebrities are crazy.
Anyway I hope you have a great weekend! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

The OJ stuff is that shokumentary type news that I have no interest in, so I'm pulling for your wishes about the country not diappointing you.

So why is WalMart da devil?? I mean, if a former Senator who campaigned against their evils can have a change of heart...can't you? Here is his excuse if you are interested.

cdp said...

Words fail me. This entire subject evokes in me a level of disgust so profound that I can't bring myself to cheapen it with any attempt to describe it.

Anonymous said...

If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. Bull crap. He did it and everyone knows it.
Ally I am with you 100%. While it's true that he has written this book on the notion that IF he had done it... this HOW he would have done it, it's STILL highly immoral and absolutely disgusting. He is gloating and shoving this down our throats one more time. Why would anyone spend a dime on such trash is beyond me.. but he doesn't deserve a break... not even one single microscopic crack of a break.
I will NEVER for one single minute believe he is NOT guilty.

Ally said...

Jordan: "Highly immoral and absolutely disgusting" is a perfect way to describe what he's doing, particularly since this is his children's mother we're talking about.

Cindy: Thanks for sharing the article. I can understand your speechlessness.

Jeff: Shockumentary is the perfect word for a lot of "news" now. I'll definitely check out your links too:)

Kimberly: Regardless of whether he did it or not (I didn't follow the trial at all, but he sure acts guilty), this whole book idea is incredibly disturbing.

Ivy: Yup, all time low....

AM: I think boycotting the book/interview is the best way we can help him go away.

Aaron: Ha! But even taking your tongue in cheek comments seriously, regardless of guilt or innocence, he's sick.

FC&F: I forget that people still buy CDs:) I just always go to itunes....

Nathan said...

So are you implying that OJ did it after a jury of his peers found him not guilty?