Monday, November 06, 2006


Mr. Regular just called, and I’m proud to say that I told him that I wasn’t interested. I didn’t even have to pull up my blog to see what I to say. Maybe all of the time that has passed and you guys’ comments and thoughts helped me build up my resolve.

I figured he’d given up by now, and from what he said about how hard it is to get me, I assume he’s called several times and declined to leave messages with my secretary or voicemails.

He told me we needed to get together and eat this week and talk, and I told him that I just wasn’t interested. Long pause. Then I said “it’s nothing personal.” And after another pause, he said “Well we can still be friends. Stop in and say hi sometime.” I think that his response was appropriate, and hopefully things at the Soup Kitchen will return to normal.

On a side note: I'm reading a 50-something year old's resume, who has a doctorate and is very successful, and the individual listed that he "graduated valedictorian" and finished high school a year early. My first thought is that it's ridiculous that the person felt compelled to list this. I was the salutatorian of my class and went off to college a year early, but I do not think that's relevant to a potential employer at this point in my life. Of course, I also wouldn't have a resume of four pages. Upon closer examination, I just noticed that the honor of graduating valedictorian is from ELEMENTARY school. No joke. He listed his elementary school education and honors. He should have attached his Book It Award for winning a free personal pan pizza for reading a couple of Nancy Drews too.


Ella said...

Good response on Mr. Regular. It's good to be direct toward guys that just don't "get it".

As for the four page resume...I would think that this person is hiding something. Especially if they list their Elementary school.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I agree...good response to Mr. Regular. It's hard to be mean to someone who hasn't done anything to you, isn't it?

Oh my gosh! I was the queen of the Book It Awards in 3rd/4th grade!! I even had that big purple pin to prove it! One personal pepperoni to go please!! Can't believe dude put elementary school crap on his resume. N.E.R.D!!!

Anonymous said...

If he persists, you can use the following free of charge:

"Remember when I said it wasn't personal? I lied. It IS personal, and it has everything to do with who you are and me not being interested. But thanks."

No reason to leave any doubt;-)

Oh, and the applicant has earned his way into the "No" pile, regardless of his qualifications. Do you really want to hire someone who would do that?

Anonymous said...

Give that guy a gold star!

Anonymous said...

BOOK IT! award!!! hahahahaha.


awwww Mr. Regular LOOOOVES you. I know it's not easy telling people you're not interested (unless they're a huge pain in the butt)..

icadle said...

Wow - way to go. You are handing out the rejections left and right.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the blunt rejection. Wasn't this guy a lot older that you too? I wonder what he must be thinking.

That resume is hilarious. You should call him up and tell him "You're resume seems incomplete. Tell me about kindergarten."

It's funny what people will put on their resume.

Ally said...

Greenlineboy: Yes, this man is at least 40 but probably closer to 50. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings, but then again, he didn't seem like he could take a hint so that might be required.

Ivy: Well, what can I say? Ha.

Jordan: It's not easy, but for some reason, yesterday it was. I think I was in lawyer mode (assertive), so it just flowed. My face didn't even turn red!

Aaron: I LOVE gold stars!

Accidentally Me: Thankfully this resume wasn't submitted to me for hiring, but if it had been, it would be in the "No" pile. I'm reviewing a personnel file for a client and ran across this ridiculousness.

FC&F: I always got the pepperoni too! I loved Book-It and had the big purple pin too.

Ella: I'm not sure what this person's deal is, but 4 pages seems excessive (part of it was because he listed each organization, etc. on a separate line instead of using commas). The person seemed to be hiding the fact that if he didn't get his way, he'd sue. Oh well.

Ally said...
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melanie said...

sounds like he needs a resume consultant to me. what are you hiring for anyway? (new here, so unaware of history...)

kimberly said...

The resume story and the Mr. Regular story makes me feel sad!!! I always feel sad for people in their 50s having to do their resumes or try to start dating again. I just want them to be happy and settled in life, not having to get out there in the job search or awkward dating world. I mean Mr. Regular might not have done this since the 70s and he might not know how it works these days. So he comes off as wierd. And that other guy maybe hasn't written a resume in years and doesn't know what he needs to write to prevent getting discriminated against for being old. Isn't that sad? Or am I being too soft?

Ally said...

Melanie: Welcome! I'm actually not hiring anyone. I do some employment law, so it's not usual for me to review a personnel file, which often contains an employee's resume.

Kimberly: I think you're being too soft:), although I do appreciate your perspective.

The Mr. Regular situation kind of makes me mad--because he ignored multiple clues (i.e. I didn't return his last call; I didn't speak to him the last time I saw him at the Soup Kitchen; I cut him off when he called the first time, etc.) and put me in an uncomfortable situation. I guess it's sad if he has so little social interaction that he is that socially inept, but that is likely his own fault (since he's obviously gainfully employed, etc.) It's not like he was just a little "off" on a date--he stalked me so as to run into me on my way back to my office.

As for the resume, this person is employed and isn't looking for a job. I think the problem with this individual is more likely pride than ignorance. I've only seen the resume because the individaul is probably going to sue because he didn't get the promotion he wanted and of course, claims it is because of his race and age(rather than the fact that he wasn't doing a good job--which is well documented).

You're sweet though to think of "their" sides too.

cdp said...

Bravo! As a fellow non-rejector, I take vicarious pride in your supremely stellar handling of the Mr. Regular situation. You go!

I chuckled at the resume thing. Perhaps Mr. Resume was thinking quantity over quality? On reviewing my resume the other day, I was definitely wishing I had more to list for myself. I wondered if "single mom of two losing her mind while putting herself through school with no child support and no help and staving off an ever-lurking tendency toward over-eating and alcohol abuse" sounded a bit neurotic and off topic. ;-)

Good job with Mr. Regular!

cdp said...

Ps, I added a couple quotes to comments bewlo. Loved that post.

Ps again, I was a Book-It champion and relished EVERY BITE of my cheese personal pan pizzas. Dee-lish!

Shannon said...

Good for you for standing your ground with that guy!

And I can't believe the applicant listed elementary school achievements. I'm sure he wants a leg up in the competition because of his age, but that tidbit of information in addition to a 4 pg resume isn't gonna cut it.