Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm a Model, You Know What I Mean...

Whenever I stop and think about how blessed I am, I feel pretty overwhelmed (in a good way). My life is so easy, and my problems are so small. When you're biggest problem is whether or not to go month-to-month with your apartment (for an extra $150) or sign a six month lease or figuring out what you want to be when you grow up, you know you're blessed. So here are all of my many blessings—but just the ones that begin with the letter "I."

ipod: As a result of a for-no-reason gift, I have a nano in addition to my regular ipod. That works out well when a battery unexpectedly dies as I enter the gym because I definitely can't run without music.

Interdisciplinary studies: These were by far my most favorite classes in college. Freshman Year Experience and Senior Capstone made me excited about life and forced me to examine the kind of human being and citizen I want to be. The kinds of conversations we shared are the type that I find invigorating and that stick with me for days. If I could professionally do anything, I would want to teach these classes. Too bad I don't have a Ph.D.

Internet: For all of the many negatives that come with it, I am still grateful for it. E-mail, sharing digital pics, blogs, online banking, weather reports, etc. all make my life, in many ways, much easier.

Ice cream: My personal favorite is cake batter at Coldstone Creamery with peanut butter, chocolate syrup, crushed up Reeses cups, and whip cream. Chik-fil-a's dream cones are yummy too.

Independence: I appreciate our freedom as Americans, and I appreciate my parents permitting me to be very independent from a very young age. My independence has served me well and allowed me so many cool opportunities, not to mention the fact that I think it would stink to feel uncomfortable going to the movies or dinner (or Spain:) alone. Oddly I don't feel as independent as I once did, but it's not like I'm exactly dependent on anyone either. Hmm.

Islands: I love the Canary Islands, Palma de Mallorca, and look forward to visiting the Greek Isles, Australia, and Hawaii one day….

Izods: I know it's called Lacoste now, but I loved my light blue Izod that I wore on the first day of kindergarten (with white shorts pulled up way too high and velcro tennis shoes). My ex-boyfriend Sampras was kind enough to give me an adult version of the same shirt a few years ago.

Interlaken: Once I got there, I didn't want to leave. Had I known that my experience with Paris would be so stereotypical (rude, rude, and a hassle), I would have stayed longer. Sure Interlaken is typical hangout for Americans (think Greek letters carved into the walls of the bathroom), but I loved my time there. Switzerland is just so clean and pretty, and I went canyoning and on lots of long walks and just generally relaxed. And I ate lots of those smiley faced cookies.

Intuition & Instinct: I think I have a really strong sense of intuition and good instincts. Maybe it's a woman thing. Once I was running on a treadmill and just had a bad feeling about the guy behind me in the small workout room. So I grabbed my keys from beside the treadmill and went to rush out, and low and behold, I was right because the guy was doing something really gross. Yup, you guessed it. He and his family were evicted. I would have pressed charges, but I knew I didn't get a good enough look (b/c believe me, I was not wanting to look at him as I rushed out) to pick him out of a line up or anything.

Indigo Girls, INOJ ("Love Me Down"), "Imagine" (Lennon), Ivy, Irene, INXS, "I'll Be" (Edwin McCain--even if it does remind me entirely too much of an ex-bf), "I'm Too Sexy" (Right Said Fred:), "Islands in the Stream" (Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers), "I Said I Loved You" "but I lied" (I love that line of this lame song by Michael Bolton always makes me smile), "Intoxicating" (David Crowder Band), and "Independence Day" (Martina McBride).

Happy Almost Weekend!!!


Flat Coke and Flies said...

If you noticed a long duration time on your website meter it's b/c I am commenting during commercials while watching Grey's Anatomy. ha

That ice cream sounds delicious!! Ditto about the internet. One of my favorite songs--Islands in the Stream!! I just saw Kenny Rogers in concert last year--amazing!! Michael Bolton song--lol--I liked that song when it came out.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God...cake batter ice cream...I think I just had an orgasm thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

With good health and a good general outlook on life and the education you have the world is your oyster. Kudos to your parents. Sounds as though they have given you many opportunities that 99% of young people do not get. And no I did not get the info from a fortune cookie or horoscope. Dr/ Ridge.

cdp said...

I just want to know if you wore socks pulled clear up to your knees with your light blue Izod and your white jacked-up shorts. And another thing - don't get me wrong, I know Izod was way cool back in the day, but was it like "designer"? Lacoste has a boutique at Lenox now and $125 t-shirts at Bloomie's. I don't remember it being quite that posh when we were kids. I loved it though. Thinking back on the days of the alligator shirts and the Erkel shorts/socks look also reminded me of another trend of our childhood . . . do you remember Members Only? I didn't have a Members Only jacket but my brother did, and I used to take it when he wasn't around and wear it even though it was quite obviously 4 sizes too big for me. Anyway that is just my rambling that has absolutely nothing to do with anything even close to relevant!

And I do my little turn on the catwalk . . .

Ally said...

Cindy: I am proud to say that I didn't have a Members Only jacket or one of those shirts (I can't remember what they were called) that changed colors depending on your mood. I did, however, pull my socks up entirely too high on that first day of kindgergarten (obviously my parents' fault) and have some parachute pants. And you're right about Izod/Lacoste because I wouldn't have had one if it had been expensive.