Saturday, November 17, 2007

Going Home

For the first time since I moved to Nashville, I'm going home! It's only been 2 1/2 months or so, but before I moved here I usually managed to make it to Calhoun once a month to visit with my family. So needless to say I've been excited all week to be heading home tomorrow and can't wait to soak up some time with my nieces. On Monday I'll go to Lauren's preschool Thanksgiving party, and I'll get to keep them both on Wednesday since they'll be out from school. So off to bed since I'm leaving here in the morning at 7 a.m.! Lucky me, I'll get to stop in Chattanooga and have breakfast with friends; then catch most of the Georgia game before going on my first date since January. I'm actually a bit nervous. But that's nothing two martinis can't fix. Just kidding, two martinis and I probably couldn't stand.

p.s. I'm thankful for the free symphony tickets my roommate and I used tonight.


Accidentally Me said...

Ally, we expect many details from this date...especially about all of the making out:-P

AaroN said...

Looks like I'll be in C-town from Wed-Fri.

I demand to know about the date-gossip before AM!