Friday, November 09, 2007

More Happy Than Sad

I'm thankful that I have so many more happy days than sad days as today has just been much less than stellar. I think a lot of feelings converged at one time, and it all sort of hit me this evening. I've had a lot of sort of mandatory social engagements this week, and while I don't mind them, none of them are really "feeding" me--to use one of the terms that is tossed around in my vocational discernment meetings. And I am longing for an evening of engaging conversation that leaves me exhilarated and inspired. Or a dinner party with close friends that has me looking at the clock and being shocked that four hours have passed when it felt like minutes. Or a lunch with someone that I really connect with and who "gets" me. Reading e.b.'s post today reminded me of what all I'm missing right now, but I'm reminding myself that I still have many more great days than days like today.

p.s. I'm grateful for the little boys who begged me to play my newly created outdoor version of dodge ball again with them today; their excitement was contagious, and it's always neat to feel valued even if it's just because I'll repeatedly throw a ball at a group of second graders.


bMoles said...

We used to play dodgeball outside almost every day at reccess in elementary school. But congrats on the new invention!

Ys said...

This week has been a bit of a bad one for me too :/ But you're right: I have more happy than sad days so I won't dwell.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend :D

cdp said...

I know this feeling well. You expressed it perfectly.

I hope you find something that feeds you soon.


JK said...

very cool blog -- gotta admire anyone appreciating one of the true blessings in life: blasting the kids with a big vinyl ball! Our boys know it's a sure way to get the folks outside to play, even though they're the targets!

brandy said...

I really relate to the part, the idea of it all 'converging' at one time. And I like the term of 'feeding me'- I think that's the perfect way to describe that feeling of feeling like, you are getting something from what you are doing. I need more activities that do this I think. Though, Fridays game of capture the flag with 7 year olds did help. :)

AaroN said...

Do these second graders really even stand a chance? Do they know they're playing the 1985 Gordon County Killball Champion? :D

Andy concluded a wonderful 4-part series this past Sunday. You should check it out, if you get a moment.