Monday, November 05, 2007

Practicing Dodge Ball

I almost forgot to post today. I'll be surprised if I don't miss a day.

Anyway I'm thankful that I can practice dodge ball (at least throwing and catching) at work thanks to Sampson, a third grader with a good arm. It's just amazing to me that this "counts" as working, and I am constantly gratified by the fact that I'm not sitting at a desk wondering when it'll be 5:45 and time to start packing up. Or better yet still sitting at my desk at 7:30 hoping that a case will settle so I can go home. Or pondering what ball is going to drop since entirely too much has been piled on my plate.

p.s. I'm thankful for caramel truffle flavored coffee.


AaroN said...

If I remember correctly, I do recollect reading a comment from you, on another blog, about the many temptations at work.

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same, huh?

That poor caramel truffle coffee didn't stand a chance. :D

Accidentally Me said...

I think we should all be allowed to whip things at each other during work. I really feel like that would improve the workplace!!!

Appletini said...

Any flavored coffee is delicious!

ella said...

All this fun you are having means that you are never on IM anymore. Boo!

Ally said...

Ella: And when I am on IM, you're not! But all in all, it's nice not to have a job that requires gmail chat to stay awake/alert:)

appletini: This is sooo yummy.

AM: I think that as well as Healy's for everyone would improve productivity.

Aaron: Nah. In this case, the more things change the more different they are. And I couldn't be more glad. Oh, and that comment wasn't about work.

cdp said...

Caramel truffle flavored COFFEE?

That's so many delights rolled into one it's overwhelming!

cdp said...

Dude. I just got your comment and then had to go find this old post of mine because I was like, OMG how perfect. So perfect, in fact, that it almost frightened me.


Thanks for your awesome comment.

Natasha said...

Hey! I love your blog, good stuff. Remember me? You used to read my blog "Sex in the Little City". Well, I started it up again, so you should go read and let me know what you think. Thanks!

brandy said...

I played dodgeball with grade 2 kids today and really got into it!! Glad you are really enjoying your job Ally, I love hearing about people who have found careers that make them so happy. (Oh, and suggestion- if you haven't played capture the flag in the gym, you are missing out!)