Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving by Numbers

0 hikes Last Wednesday was a glorious day....until we were 20 minutes away from Cloudland Canyon, and it began raining. I can't complain as we desperately need the rain, and we had a great time anyway.

1 Inappropriate Comment: My grandmother asked my cousin if she is "expecting," and she's not.

2 People Making Out at the Thanksgiving Table: So my cousin "Emily" got married this summer to a guy she wasn't even dating last Christmas, and since I've never had a conversation with him I was looking forward to getting to know him at our Thanksgiving lunch. But then they arrived over an hour late and proceeded to kiss almost the entire time they were at my uncle's house. It was disgusting, and I have no idea how anyone can feel comfortable kissing while sitting next to their 88 year old great aunt and across from their brother and cousin. Bizarre. I just looked at my lap the entire time. Sigh. Too bad my dad (that's him in the photo with me) didn't see it as he would have totally called them out on it.

3 Turkeys

4 Dates
(with the guy from the Police concert who (with Ella's help) I have named "Carter" for blog purposes as it's sufficiently waspy like his real name)

5 Pieces of Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie (courtesy of my sister and Cracker Barrel)

9 Letters in My New Favorite Song
: Yes, it is an absolutely ridiculous song, but I love it and it makes me smile constantly. It's "Glamorous" which thanks to google I now know is one of Fergie's songs. I can thank my nieces for sharing it with me.

100s of Christmas lights
are decorating the toolshed--and greeted me when I arrived Monday morning. My roomie and my "adoptive moms" decorated the exterior and interior of our home, left a gift basket of Christmas candy with 3 Christmas DVDs (I will finally see Miracle on 34th Street), and really made my day with their sweetness.

1,040 miles driven

In short, I enjoyed my 9 days in Georgia, but now I'm exhausted and trying to recover from the whirlwind. Hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving and long weekend too.

p.s. I'm thankful for how excited some of the children were yesterday to see me--especially my reading students who couldn't wait to dive back into The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


brandy said...

I will never understand those people who feel completely at ease rounding the bases of love (or lust!) in front of other people. I just... nope. Couldn't do it. I'm getting flustered just thinking about it.

And 4 dates with the Carter? Woo hoo! Sounds like things are going well in that department. Glad you had a good trip!

Ys said...

I like a good cuddle and a kiss (peck) with my guy but I don't swap tongues with him in front of people, especially not in front of our respective families cos they're weird about shows of affection - us holding hands freaks them out hehehe.

I'm glad the dates are going well! ;) Any more you can share about him or is it too early yet?

I'm glad you had such a great time! The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe is enough of an excuse to come back to, though - I LOVED that book as a child!

Accidentally Me said...

Fergie?!?!? Oh Ally...what has become of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Your dad? I enlarged photo and though he looked as though he had not been prepared for the photo I think I know Mel Gibson when I see him. Glad you had a good holiday visit with your folks. You will have to teach me how to "cut and paste as well as you.

Haley said...

I once had co-workers who were dating share at a work retreat how much they love each other as part of the wrap-up for the day and semester. A little uncomfortable!

ella said...

4 dates with Carter in 9 days? That is a record. And loving the kiss on the side of the head.

Scotty said...

Making out? In front of everyone? Wow.

Thats a lot of driving, but I am sure it was well worth it to spend some time with your family :)

cdp said...

Brandy - rounding the bases of love. That's hilarious.

Although umm, yeah, a little weird. I think I would've looked at my lap the entire time too. AWKWARD much?

That was so sweet of your roomie and adoptive moms to get the toolshed all decked out for the holidays. And candy too? Score!

I have that Fergie album and I listen to it all the time.

Also yes, med school is probably harder but I still think I should be Dr. Poe. SO THERE.

Happy Hump Day!

Pam said...

My SIL and BIL used to kiss and swoon over each other like that in front of everyone alot. Not as much now. While I'm happy to see that they are happy and in love, it's just..well, weird when it is just constant.

Glad to hear that you had a 4th date with Carter. Yay!

AaroN said...

I say it's 4 more dates with Carter and those two will be K.I.S.S.I.N.G. themselves! :P

(If you like that song, you should have seen Northpoint's rendition of it with the seniors of '07. It was pretty good.)

Clearlykels said...

No PDA! No kisses at the dinner table. no, no, no. UGh. Your family is a lot more polite than mine. They would've been heckled endlessly. We don't like to see each other kiss.

YAY! Date. Awesome.

Oh and YAY pecan pie. That definitely get a mention!

Ally said...

cdp: Dr. Poe and Dr. Jax certainly do have a nice ring to them....:)

Haley: That is super weird!

Ys: I'm sure I'll share more soon.....just need to take the time to write another post.

Anonymous: Yes my dad usually does bear a striking resemblance to Mel....

Libba Lemon said...

Hey Ally,

I have a lingering question about your Aquaphor post...

I'm totally OCD & a serious chapstick addict. I'm thinking about quitting over Christmas break, and I wondered if you have any advice!

When you first quit did your lips blister over? If so, how long did that last? Did you let yourself use unlimited Aquaphor at first and then cut back, or did you start with twice a day from the beginning?

It's going to be hard for me to quit - I've been using & collecting chapstick for 14 years!


Jordan said...

constant kissing at a thanksgiving table with family : classless and disrespectful. Get a room?

I have Fergie's latest cd (with glamorous) on it... I love it and play it all the time...

Ryane said...

ooops. Just posted a comment for this Post under Blog-a-versary. What can I say? It's Friday!! =-)

Anonymous said...

Love me some Fergie...she is beautiful and her beau is HOT.

Kissing at the table? Eeeewww!!

Glad you're back home!

Rick said...

My wife made the same inappropriate comment to someone too - not long ago. We now have a rule - don't ask if they don't tell.