Thursday, October 26, 2006


When I was in middle school my siblings and I received rewards for good grades. I was so weird that I once told my mother that they didn't need to pay me to make good grades because I made the grades for myself. So as a reward for "As" my mom and step-father would take us out to eat at Red Lobster at the end of each grading period. It's funny how that food was really good to me back then. The last time I ate at Red Lobster (per my father's request for Father's Day a year ago), I swore I'd never do it again. Side note: You can get those yummy garlic cheese rolls to go without enduring the rest of the frozen food.

On these special occasions and on vacation, we were allowed to order strawberry daiquiris. That was pretty exciting. As I looked older, I had to start clarifying that I wanted a "virgin" daiquiri, which I found a little embarassing. Saying the word made me blush. So yesterday as I was surfing around the blogosphere, I ran across something that reminded me of those days. I wish I remembered what blog it was from so I could post the link, but after so many clicks, I have no idea how I found the blog. Anyway, the female writer was recounting her sister's antics at a restaurant one night. The writer and her other siblings ordered Shirley Temples and whatnot. The waitress asked for her sister's drink request, and she blurted out that she "wants a daiquiri that's had sex." The children's mother, of course, wanted to crawl under the table.

p.s. I looked at the television listings, and it shows episodes of Grey's Anatomy at both 9:00 and 10:00. Just a heads up!


Flat Coke and Flies said...

Mr. Wonderful & I are going to Nashvegas today. I saw where Grey's is on 2 hours, so glad I found out so I can set the VCR correctly!!

"Wants a daiquiri that's had sex". That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!! I used to blush too when I ordered "virgin" at Red Lobster.

Anonymous said...


"wants a daiquiri that's had sex."

That was hysterical. The kind of hysteria that produces an uncontrolable laugh that garnishes the attention of coworkers.

But they already know I'm, uh, different like that anyway. Thanks for the laugh.

icadle said...

A daiquari that's had sex....Thats one of the funniest things i've heard in a long time!!


Anonymous said...

I love daquiris that have had sex.. yum!! My favorite drink.

Yes. Grey's is on for TWO whole wonderful hours tonight... I wonder if tonight is the night they'll be wearing the warrior in pink clothing...

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh.. they're repeats!!!!

Anonymous said...


Suckers! haha :P

Ally said...

Aaron: Not nice!! I'm the type that laughs out loud, while in my office alone, so I can empathize. I'd rather be weird than normal; that's for sure.

Jordan: This really stinks. And these reruns are so recent, it's especially insulting.

FC&F: Turns out you didn't need to set the VCR after all):

Ivy: Glad you enjoyed....hope you have fun dressing up as Hugh tonight!