Monday, October 23, 2006

Some things never change...

So my ten year class reunion was this weekend, and it was…fine. I just don't have strong feelings about it one way or another, although I certainly appreciate the two women who took the time to plan it. It was in a room at the Elks Lodge with barbecue and coleslaw and cookies from Kroger. They had even hired a DJ to play really awful music at a blaring level. We were all screaming across our BBQ sandwiches in attempts to catch up.

The class president asked me several times if I thought people were going to dance. Since the reunion began at 6:00 and it was still daylight outside (and no one was drunk), I told her that I seriously doubted it. Plus the music included Will Smith, Lynrd Skynrd, and various depressing country artists. I'm guessing that was the DJ's idea of what was popular in 1996.

Several couples came in and sat alone at tables away from everyone else. I have no idea what the point of coming to a class reunion is if you do that since you could talk to your spouse at home but to each his own. Most people came in groups or with a spouse, but it never even occurred to me to do that. I enjoyed hearing a detective's job stories, but most of the other conversations were the basics--marital status, location, and job. And just like old times, three guys came in two hours late and drunk. I hung out with them in high school, and after spending a few minutes chatting with them, it was clear that little had changed. The scary part is that two of them are high school teachers/coaches.

My high school had a nursery for students' babies, so of course, children were a big focus of the reunion--with classmates' children in a slide show; the problem was I didn't know which baby belonged to which classmate. Various awards were given out, but the most notable one was a surprise. Three of my female classmates were called up to the little stage. They received the award for having the most children and were given bags of condoms. Hmm.

While it was neat to hear about what everyone was doing, I was anxious to get back to my nieces (who could not understand why they couldn't go with me to this "party"), so I left at 9:00. They're a lot more fun than any reunion.

p.s. Having this girl on The Bachelor who doesn't speak English is ridiculous.


Flat Coke and Flies said...

My reunion is next year (Class of '97). I cannot decide if I want to go. All the people I would want to see I already talk to on a regular basis. I think myspace is just one big class reunion and I should save my money.

The 3 girls with the most kids that got condomns was funny!!

I don't watch the Bachelor but someone who doesn't speak English shouldn't have even been allowed to audition!!

Aaron said...

Just like old times.

The city schools were smaller, but we had more class then and now. Thanks for making me feel so much better about my own reunion! :)

icadle said...

Bachlor is horrible this season. Sounds like the reunion was too much like going back to highschool. bummer.

Anonymous said...

We've only had one high school reunion.. I was one of the class officers in high school, so I had to help find these people and put it together. I had a good time and it was great seeing people 15 years later. The funny thing, is some people never change. Our handsome high school quarterback and I hung out the entire time (we didn't date in high school because I had a boyfriend.. an OLDER boyfriend who was 22) We (QB) and I decided maybe we should start dating because we had such a great time together.. a few of the girls at the reunion started their whispering like they were still in high school. They even pulled him to the side and said "do you know she's married?" Of course he knew I was married (going through a divorce)I had been talking to him for several months before I even went to my high school reunion. He told them "yes I do.. her husband said it was ok". Just to get them whispering even more.
They had no idea I was separated.. I didn't feel I had to go around and tell "them" what I was going through in my personal life.

So about the Bachelor... this season actually cracks me up because 1. I don't think there are really any 'catches' on this show other than Sadie maybe. 2. The girl from Italy so doesn't fit. He has a hard time communicating with her, but continues to keep her. 3. the "princess" from Texas is such a joke!!
Ahh but I keep watching because I love the Bachelor!

Anonymous said...

ps. I LOVE watching Lisa squirm every time the Bachelor goes on a date with someone else... if he only knew about her "timeline", I think he'd get rid of her.

cdp said...

Lisa's parents are going to tell him about the timeline on the next episode. BUSTED!

I'm not sure what's up with Agnesse either. Neither of the two girls who didn't get a rose (who were, deflowered, if you will) really do much for me, but I was pretty surprised. I'll bet Tiara Girl is Pissed.

Ally, thank you so much for your comments. They really made me smile! Btw, I almost fell out of my chair reading about the condom awards. I think that would be a useful prize at my reunion, if only to ensure that certain classmates of mine don't procreate. I'm kind of surprised to hear that you weren't busting a move to "Gettin' Jiggy With It" though. :-)