Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yet Another Good Reason to Pray....

just occurred to me while I was watching Grey's Anatomy (don't read this post if you're waiting until this weekend to watch the Grey's episode). Seeking God and His wisdom through prayer results in me not making as many rash (and often irrational) decisions. Before I was a Christian (and even sometimes now), I would impulsively make a decision based on how I felt at the moment I was making the decision. And then of course the next day or week I'd wonder if I made a mistake.

Now when I'm making an important decision (and even some not so important decisions), I pray. Granted, I don't pray enough, and I sometimes forget to ask for God's guidance; but in general, I don't make quick decisions and do my best to turn things over to God. Before Donatello and I quit dating, I did a lot of praying; several months of prayer went into the decision to end the relationship. And there were definitely days when I felt certain that it was time to end it before the actual ending, but then other days I wasn't sure. The upside of prayer and giving it over to God was the certainty I feel now and the peace that came with the end of the relationship. Sure, it's still not easy (breaking up rarely is), in part because I'm a retarded, sentimental, emotional girl, but it's so much less difficult than past break-ups because I don't have to wonder if I made the wrong decision. God answered my prayers, and I think that because I'm so dense (I'm still waiting for God to get gmail), he even continues to reaffirm the answer to me so I'll feel a peace about it.

McDreamy, on the other hand, is an idiot. Prayer or not, the way he handled the ending of his "relationship" with Meredith is infuriating. So his soon to be ex-wife says one sentence to him, and he makes a big decision (with no real discussion) with less than a few hours thought. Ridiculous. Doesn't he owe her a little more thought than that? Shouldn't that be the kind of decision that's made after at least a few days of thought? That kind of impulsive decisions just smacks of immaturity and thoughtlessnes. And yes, I just used words like "infuriating" to describe a television program involving fictional characters. I'm officially a loser.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

'Doh! I read your post before watching Grey's! Oh well.

I'm a sentimental girl too - there is nothing retarded about that! I really prayed about ending my last relationship as well (I had my small group pray for me too!). I think it gives us strength to do what is right. I also find comfort in knowing that God loves me no matter what - even when I make wrong decisions.

Anonymous said...

You should read 'Practicing His Presence' by Brother Lawrence. It talks about talking with God and praying to God and bringing that into every part of life.

icadle said...

But does maybe God work in strange since Meredith chose McDreamy?

Besides, its a tv drama. If everyone made decisions drivin by rationality or prayer, no drama, and no show.

Ally said...

Ella: I'm so sorry! I didn't even think about potentially ruining an episode of Grey's for people. I added a disclaimer (lot of good it does you though)!

Greenlineboy: I've never heard of that book, but after I googled it, I feel like I should have. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ivy: You're totally right about the drama. But watching it, it seemed like exactly something a man would really do, and I guess that's what gets me wound up....and of course, keeps me watching.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

As I told Mr. Wonderful last night "It IS real!!" lol You should go read his blog, I had a blubberfest last night after watching Grey's. (everyoneisbatshitcrazy.blogspot).

Men don't "think" enough is my opinion. They make rash, hasty decisions based on a couple of thoughts that run through their heads. Women on the other hand would have taken DAYS to mull over what to do. All the "what if's" would have been tossed about in our heads, talked about with our friends, blogged about, before making a decision. Not McDreamy...and yes, that's what keeps us watching!!

Jordan said...

I still cant get past the fact that Patrick Dempsey is a heart throb star of a tv show. Remember he was in Meatballs III.

Aaron said...

This blog is in serious need of some testosterone.

Everyone is prone to make hasty decisions that probably deserved more thought. While I won't necessarily disagree with FC&F's comments, let me point this out:

Men acting with little thought = impatience.

Women NOT acting with TOO much thought = DRAMA.


Anyway, its not my intention to sound arrogant here, but many times I already aware of the right thing to do before I pray about it. If I pray about it, its as if I'm really challenging God to prove it to me. (Just because its the right thing to do doesn't necessarily mean I want to do it.) Often if thats the case, something inevitably goes wrong and I can just hear God say, "I told you so".
If I don't have a clue what to do, and pray about it, the answer usually becomes obvious in the most mysterious manner. If I don't "get an answer" its usually because I'm not praying with the correct intentions.

Oh, and I'd like to see Ally complete a week's worth of blogs without once mentioning Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. If I miss Globe Trekker, I'm not freakin' out.

cdp said...

I think everyone's comments offer good insight on the question. I have to go with Ally on this one though. Having personally been affected (in a very serious way) by someone with a tendency to make incredibly rash decisions based on a few thoughts that may or may not have run through his head; it seems to me that regardless of the nature of the decision, if it's one that inevitably involves and impacts the lives of others, it's worthy of (and arguably even demands) some kind of consideration. Decisions that end up hurting only those who make them are a horse of a different color, I suppose.

Also, I am reminded by this post that I need to spend more time in prayer. Probably a lot more time.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if he was thinking that all along.. and her 'sentence's struck a chord. I also think it had something to do with the fact he just had a conversation with McVet and McVet told him that Meredith shares everything with him... McDreamy realized they really don't talk/share... so I think it was a combination. Plus seeing her lying in a hospital bed.. he just didn't want to cause her anymore 'pain'.

icadle said...

I think the paint fumes are starting to get to me. Good reason to pray #32,541