Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Weekend....

wore me out. I generally depend on the weekends to help me catch up on rest, but this weekend has left me feeling more tired. Oh well, that's how the ball bounces sometimes. Just an aside, I have no idea how people regularly communte in traffic. It's exhuasting. I had a commute of about 30 minutes the first four months I taught school, but it was a 25 mile drive so no traffic or hassle. It was actually kind of relaxing because I would eat breakfast, listen to morning radio and music, and think; it was before cell phones were used for anything besides emergencies, so there was no compulsion to catch up with people while driving either. I'll spare you the details of the irritating commute I had while working at an Atlanta law firm one summer, but suffice to say, I knew I could never commit to a daily commute of any length.

So anyway, I took a half day off on Friday so I could pick up the cakes for my step-sister's wedding reception and get a partial (highlights). Despite it being mid-day, it took me three times as long as it should have to get to Atlanta. Fortunately I was able to get a later appointment since I missed my appointment time. I did pick up the cakes, and I ate plenty of the white chocolate one the next night. Yummy. The wedding and reception went fine, and bam now they are a family (my step-sister has a daughter and her husband has two children). I pray that those children have an easier time of the step-parent(s) than I did. That's tough stuff.

Random thoughts: My mother's ($1000 plus) digital camera rocks. I used it all weekend, which is why I don't have many fun pics to post from the festivities.

This weather is delightful and so are my nieces.

I should have worked today. Yuck.

The reception was casual and outside. Several women had on what looked like riding pants with calf/knee high boots. I guess that is some new trend. I am not a very trendy person, so I'm often surprised by how people will wear something that is unflattering just because it's "in." The other day a salesperson at J Crew was trying to convince me to buy a corduroy vest. That's evidently "in" right now, but I personally think I'm way too young to be accessorizing with vests (unless the vest is for warmth, but even then--why not wear something with sleeves?). Similarly I'm not wearing "skinny jeans" with ankle zippers. This isn't to say that I haven't looked horrid on many ocassions, probably as a result of my genetic lack of style/fashion sense, etc.

I love Legally Blond.

My ten year class reunion is next weekend. It should be interesting even though only 40 people have RSVPed (from a graduating class of over 200).

Here's a photo of my mother at the reception, my niece Lauren, and the pretty view on the drive out to the reception.


Anonymous said...

$1,000 digital camera... must be sweet.. mine was $400 and I thought THAT was expensive!

Great pics :)

Anonymous said...

Good call on passing on the corduroy vest. I'm pretty sure they are not "in". Then again I'm a wanna be fashionista that wears skinny jeans with ankle zippers. :)

Great photos - get some rest you!

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I've seen the skinny jeans at Macys and I'm with you, it's a NO GO this season for me! I don't feel trendy either, I just think I blend in with my simple black, brown, or navy attire. Riding pants at a wedding reception? Hmmm....

I like Legally Blonde (and LB2).

I've always had at least an hour commute until the last year. I'm loving 5 min to everything. That will change in Nashville, but it won't be as bad as an hour for certain!

My 10 yr reunion is in May...I dread it, yet I'm excited to see how "fat" the popular chicks are now.

Aaron said...

What an excellent weekend indeed!

Had a "Friday the 13th Geocaching Marathon" with a couple friends. Didn't get in bed until 2am Saturday morning. Up early on Saturday to volunteer at an event in Gainesville. Got some good hiking in while out there. Returned home exhausted. Sunday to C-town to goto Church and visit with my Mi-Ma whos in town.

Next weekend promises to be great also! I hope you have fun at your 10yr reunion. I had fun at mine. Only about 30-something showed up, but that's more than a third of my graduating class anyway. You'll be amazed at how many people that still live in town don't show up and those that live the farthest away come back.

Oh, and I posted a blog in your honor, hope you get a kick out of it. :D

spam_price said...

I'm with you on the whole vest thing...why not just get something with sleeves if you're cold?!

I was in Banana Republic last week and found myself surrounded by people who looked like they were trying to look like the people in a catalog. I didn't stay in there long and was reminded of why I enjoy buying stuff on the internet.

Ally said...

Jordan: I'm with you...$400 for a camera is expensive. My mom is just crazy.

Ella: Now we all know who is buying those....

Flat Coke: I'm actually looking forward to the reunion. It should, at least, be interesting.

Aaron: Some hiking sounds good to me. I think I'm going to the mountains soon, so maybe I'll get to then. Oh, nice work with the blog (actual confirmation that there is no such account as "").

Jeff: I'll never look like the people in the catalog--all those layers. Online shopping is the best; I agree!

icadle said...

Evidently I'm the only fan of the vest left. Vests are wonderful for layering and as someone who usually gets hot easily, I seem to wear vests regularly. If you are going hiking, I highly recommend the fleece vest.

Ten year reunions can be fun when you least expect is and sometime you get your picture taken on the dace floor with the football team when you were a total 0 in HS. Good times!

kimberly said...

your mom is pretty and I think Lauren looks like you. I'm glad you had a good trip. It was our ten year reunion this weekend but I totally skipped even though I was in town (!) - I saw the friends I wanted to see and didn't really miss the rest. I only went to that school for one year anyway.

cdp said...

My ten-year is coming up as well. For some reason I am able to summons only mediocre levels of enthusiasm.

I love LB, abhor skinny jeans, and concur fully with regard to the vest. If I walked out of J. Crew with everything they tried to foist on me, I would like be a regular on Sometimes they just try way, way too hard.

ps your niece is too cute!