Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Expression of Gratitude

Environmental Law: My excuse to spend a month in Costa Rica, and the class was pass/fail and included lots of fun field trips.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo: Self Reliance has been one of my favorites since I was 12. I think I've read it over 5 times.
E-mail: It helps me keep in touch and stay awake at work.
Earrings: They are the only accessroy I can seem to manage to wear unless sunglasses count.
Earl Thomas Conley: "The hardest thing I ever had to do was holding her and loving you." For some weird reason, that song was on constant repeat during my first law school exam period, and I did well; so I associate good things with that very sad country song.
Earnestness: So attractive!
Ethan and Eli: My best friend's two sons; they are healthy and smart, and they bring her a lot of joy.
Extra light blue gum: I'm never without it.
Esther: I'm glad we've at least got two books of the Bible named after members of my gender.
Everwood: I'm kind of struggling with "e" words, but this was a great show.
Electricity, exploring (one of my favorite activities), encouragement, enthusiasm, Ella (I can live vicariously through her dating escapades), elephant ears (that's what I called the delicious pastries I ate every day when I spent six weeks in Spain--they are called palmeras but look like elephant ears hence the name), English class (one of my favorite subjects in school), and eating (definitely makes my top five list of things I enjoy doing)....I'm sure there are more things/people/places (a.k.a. nouns) that I appreciate, but I'm still working and it's 1 a.m.--a procrastinator, as evidenced by this post, to the very end:)


Aaron said...

English Class? HA! See! You were a nerd, not an athlete!

Never Stop Exploring. Not only is it the North Face trademark, but it suits life. Or my life anyway. I wonder if I'm the only person that wonders... I wonder where that road goes... ?

Anonymous said...

Elephant ears rock!

Thanks for the shout out! :) I probably come off as a drama queen. Really, in person, I'm actually a low key person, albeit energetic. Is that an oxymoron? (Thought I would throw a bit of Enlish Class in there.)

Ally said...

Aaron: You can be a nerd and an athlete! I promise. And you're definitely not the only person who wonders where "that road goes."

Ella: Nice big word use and no, I don't think thanks an oxymoron. I think of being low-key as a general relaxed view of life, whereas energetic means you're not just sitting around on the sofa. You can be relaxed without being lazy. Sounds like a nice mix to me.

cdp said...

OMG elephant ears are so good. I totally used your idea (the E. Roosevelt quote) on my blog today [cindypoe.typepad.com]; and I hope you don't mind but I've been enjoying reading yours so much lately that I linked you on my page. Not to worry, no one ever actually reads mine. Well, I think Ivy does like once a month, but it shouldn't result in lots of weird people reading your blog or anything. :-)