Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things I'm Grateful for.....


grenadine: Not only is it delicious, but it (along with the poor quality of all Coke products in Costa Rica) helped me make the switch to Diet Coke.

Goobers: I still can't believe my father ever paid for us to go to the movies AND that he bought popcorn and candy. Well not just any candy that we wanted--just Goobers. And he would pour them in the popcorn, so I never knew whether I'd get a regular handful or an ooey-gooey melting chocolate handful.

the gym: Macon finally got a real, normal gym where each piece of cardio equipment has its own television. I've been waiting on this for years, and it's only a half mile from where I live.

Gifts: The best gifts are the ones that make you absolutely sure the giver knows you. And really knows you. A guy I went out with two or three times and subsequently became friends with is the best gift-giver I've ever witnessed. He has brought so many smiles to my face with his random gifts that remind me that he "gets" me in some special way. I got a postcard from him this week (from southern France), letting me know that the French don't have a translation for "billable hour," should I want to relocate.

Guacamole, Girls Just Want to Have Fun (I've watched it at least 15 times), Goo-Goo Dolls, The Griswolds (funny stuff), Lewis Grizzard (funny columnist), John Grisham (I love A Time to Kill), Gone with the Wind, green (this color has only recently grown on me, but I now like it), gmail, ginger (I love Origins ginger stuff, and my mother recently found something at Walmart that is as good), Grease, Gin Blossoms, Grey's Anatomy, Ghiradelli chocolate (one of the few places I had time to visit while in San Fransico for an afternoon)

Greg: The best guy friend two girls could have. My best friend and I spent tons of time with him during our year at UGA, and he patiently hung our shelves, listened to our drama, and generally amused us--and never hit on us no matter how drunk we were. He also didn't get mad at me when I got his car keys out of his jacket pocket, stole his car (yes, I was that drunk), and left him downtown with a rather unattractive girl. The next morning I knew he would be furious, but he didn't even care. He also watched countless hours of Silk Stalkings with me, which no one else would do. In short, he's a super friend, and I love how we pick right up whenever we see each other or talk.

Greats: Two people who have had a tremendous impact on my life are greats--both great-aunts.

It's late, and I'm probably leaving out a ton of stuff; but this is a good start....


Anonymous said...

You sound like a hellion back in your college days! Your friend Greg sounds like a gem. I don't know one guy that would watch Silk Stalkings with me. That was a great show. My mom and used to watch it together.

cdp said...

Silk Stalkings rocks!

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Gone with the Wind, Grey's Anatomy, Grease...let's pop some corn and watch tv all day!!!

I love gifts too...one time Mr. Wonderful left me a bouquet of flowers and a small pkg of Oreos on my doorstep, I still remember how it made me feel.

Anonymous said...

Uh, GreenlineBoy?

kimberly said...

GIFTS is a big one!!! One of the best gifts I ever got was when this guy in college knew that I liked only the pink and purple sweet-tarts and he gave me a whole bag of just pink and purple ones. That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

of course gifts are always fun :)

ghiradelli chocolate is the best..

grey's anatomy is theeeeeeee best show

did you ever watch the GONG show?

Aaron said...

I knew you couldn't go a week without mentioning Grey's Anatomy. Congratulations, you lasted a whole four days. :)

Ally said...

Aaron: Thanks....but I suspect you're the only one counting. Everyone else shares in my fondness for McSteamy and McDreamy:)

Jordan: Nope, never watched it. I was more of a Price is Right kind of girl.

Kimberly: Edible gifts are often the best! I got about $15 worth of strawberry cheesecake jelly bellies in the mail last fall, and it made my week!

Greenlineboy: How could I forget you? Other than the fact that I don't know you? Well actually, your blog is usually the first one I read each morning as I curl up in my office chair with a bowl of oatmeal. Wish you could send me a steak quesadilla from Anna's....

FC&F: Flowers and cookies? Perfect.

Ella & CDP: I'm glad to have found some fellow Silk Stalkings' fans. And Ella, my hellion days were brief--after that incident and a few more stupid ones, I determined that I had no business drinking (at least for a while). For some reason I couldn't stop at five shots of Jaeger/Goldschlager and always had to drink half the bottle:)